Wednesday, 18 September 2013

for the kids


oh, how perfect this commercial is for we play lego!

have a look at it, it is worthwhile and an excellent means of introducing
the 'for the kids' section of this blog.

it is the community platform of we play lego for the whole family 
 ('cause, we all know that we all play lego...)

this is where you come in!

ever marvelled at your child's lego creativity,
thinking wow! i cant believe she made this, she's only 4!
or gosh! i can see peter's contemplative character come through in his lego building.
even, he says it's a crocodile...i don't see it...but if he says it is then surely it must be!

at this point please take a photograph of the creation!

this is where i come in!

send me your photographs, with a story and description
of the creation and creator - optional.
i'll glue the photographs, add the notes on my pretty little new notepad
which looks like this


this is where the whole family comes in!

i'll let you know when it's up and you can all have a look at your
lego creations and make your children feel extra special about building something!!!!
building something for the future!!!!

lego - builders of tomorrow was made by susanne dittrich - all rights reserved.
thanks to chiara, francesca & bruno for the desert explorer 55X - superb!
thanks to ek&jy for my new notepad!