about me

i am blessed to be a mother of two wonderful girls and a wife to a true gentleman. i am continuously inspired by my children, in work (as a kids fashion stylist) and as a mother, as they are the perfect mirror of ourselves. (they also draw the best! pictures for icons - thanks girls)

we live in wonderful cape town, south africa. born and bred in a country where the tallest animal is a giraffe and the largest an elephant. (we love the bush!)

why we play lego? i wanted the name for this blog to inspire an image of togetherness, of parents and their children spending quality time together, using one block at a time to build something greater, bigger and the result is likely to be a flying crocodile that looks more like a chopped fever tree (acacia tree very common in south africa) with wheels instead of branches. (poor tree) don't fret. i'll develop our CONSERVATION side at a later stage. 

the crux - kids rock, have fun together, quality time, and fashion - cant help it. 

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