Wednesday, 2 October 2013

for the kids

a big well done to jeremy his sister lyra and stunning mom sandy for your awesome space shuttle!

!!let's continue building for the future!!

for us playing with lego brings us together on another level, 
it is simply brilliant. almost like meditating to quiet the mind 
and then opening up this amazing flow of constructive creative energy.

we simply love playing lego!

and i suspect that we are not the only family that feel this way...clearly!

i wonder if ole kirk christiansen knew what he was making when he created lego in 1949?
(the word lego comes from the danish phrase leg godt which means - play well.)    

i think he did!

there exists no another 'game' as popular as lego in the world.
what is gives to the individual is incomparable with other 'games'. 
lets also take into consideration how many other games we, as adults,
naturally end up playing with our kids for an extended period of time??  
(hence - we play lego)

i daresay it is sustainable, free range and healthy!

play well and send me photographs of your lego, i mean
your child's lego!  (no age restriction)

thanks to ek&jy for the sketch